11 Reasons We Can Use Costco on Memorial Day


Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have passed away in service of their country. It is also a time to reflect on all the freedoms we enjoy, and what they cost. This Memorial Day, take some time to do something that’s important to you – like going shopping at Costco!

Costco offers great deals during this holiday weekend, and there are plenty of food items available if you’re hosting your own barbecue or picnic. You can buy an entire BBQ chicken dinner with potatoes, vegetables, salad mix and dressing for less than $10!

Here are 11 reasons to use Costco on Memorial Day:

You can buy an entire BBQ chicken dinner with potatoes, vegetables, salad mix and dressing for less than $11!

Memberships start at just $55 annually. The membership pays for itself in only four visits!

Shop during the late hours of Friday evening through Sunday morning from 12am – midnight. This is a great time to go shopping because you’ll have more selection but it won’t be as busy as other times throughout the day. Plus, your kids will get out of school around that time so they can join you if they want to shop too!

Save money when buying groceries by using a coupon book available for purchase inside the store.

 You can save big by buying in bulk and you’ll never run out of detergent again!

Watch the latest movies for as low as $0.99 – they’re usually on sale about once a month, but if you happen to miss it then there are always the older ones available at normal price that still might be worth watching!

You will see seasonal items like winter clothes or beach towels starting around July/August every year which is great because these aren’t things you want to buy when it’s already too warm outside! And prices go back down after Labor Day so this is also an ideal time of year to stock up before school starts. Every family should have emergency supplies stored away during this time of year, so this is a great place to pick up an extra canister or two.

 They’ll tell you what day your favorite products will go on sale in the future – learn their system and take advantage!

You’re more likely to find everything at least for less expensive than other places because they have such deep discounts every week, which is why it’s also nice not always needing cash or cards when shopping there. And if you do forget a credit card then just remember that Costco has some of the best return policies out there too!

Memberships are extremely affordable as well – with benefits like free parking and gas all year long plus deals on prescriptions (plus $20 off first purchase) for as low as $55 a year!

They have the best selection of fresh, organic produce in the area and they’re all at great prices – plus you’ll find whatever is in season there. You can’t beat their deals on bulk items too like nuts, cereal or popcorn so stock up while it’s cheap!

Their deli has some of the freshest food around with sushi bar to boot—not to mention that everything is prepped right then and there for your convenience. It may sound obvious but not having to worry about finding parking when I’m hungry is such an awesome feeling. And let’s be honest: sometimes we just need chocolate (or sweets) – luckily Costco offers plenty of options at reasonable rates which is perfect for the picky eaters in my family.

They have a pharmacy and health center which is always helpful when you’re feeling under the weather or if your child has an illness to go get checked out. And then there’s their Kirkland Signature line of merchandise that includes everything from clothes, toiletries, furniture, office supplies – you name it!

Let’s not forget Costco’s awesome return policy: they will refund purchases without any questions asked within 90 days so I never feel guilty about buying something just because it was super cheap.

When I know my kids are going to want junk food while we’re traveling – like on long drives where they’ll be bored sitting still – I make sure to stop at Costco and get them healthy snacks like fruit or vegetables, so they’ll be less likely to want the junk food.

We love going there for camping trips because we can buy everything in bulk: toiletries, clothes (we have enough room in our car), pet gear, kitchen items – you name it!

Plus I know that my kids are more likely to eat their meals when we’re eating out of Tupperware containers rather than paper plates. They’ve all got a special “designer color” from The Very Hungry Caterpillar which is hard not to fall in love with.

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