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You can also use this helpful guide on how you doin if your flow isn’t going so well today: I’m feeling frustrated and stuck without any clear direction where I should go next or an idea of where I want my life to be.

When we don’t have these things, it feels like there’s no point in anything anymore and all motivation has disappeared from our lives. But here at , we know how important your day is to your life.

So, with the help of this how you doin guide and a little bit of commitment from yourself, we can get back on track so that tomorrow is going to be an even better day:

how you doin gif

In this blog post I’m going to share with your 11 quick and easy tips that will help improve the flow of your day. Do any of these sound familiar? You wake up in a funk, feel tired all day, get agitated easily, or have trouble falling asleep at night. Don’t worry! It’s probably nothing serious but it’s worth taking into consideration. Here are some simple ways to increase your energy and sense of well being: Take a half hour break every two hours during the workday (make it a habit!), eat breakfast, drink water throughout the day (at least eight glasses), and get outside for some exercise.

Get plenty of sleep—Aim for at least eight hours each night! Maintain a consistent bedtime routine to make falling asleep easier.

Take time every morning to stretch your muscles and wake up slowly with stretching or gentle yoga poses.

Avoid coffee before noon if possible; caffeine has been linked with disrupted nighttime sleep patterns so try cutting back on caffeinated beverages in general during the day. Drinking decaf after dinner is okay though!

Drink lots of water: at least eight glasses a day.

Schedule time for exercise and plan it into your calendar as you would any other important event or meeting. Exercise not only boosts mood but helps clear the mind, so include some cardio in addition to strength training like lifting weights.

Eat breakfast—Studies show that people who eat breakfast are more alert all morning long! Try starting with whole grains (oatmeal, quinoa) followed by an egg white omelet or scrambled eggs topped with fresh veggies served on top of toast; this will keep you full until lunchtime without weighing you down too much when running through your workday! If skipping breakfast is how you doin’ then try getting up 15 minutes earlier each day and making sure you’ve got a healthy snack on hand to eat before you head out the door.

Keep your desk free of clutter and distractions when working or studying—Research shows that people who have an uncluttered workspace are more productive! This means clear away all papers, books, pens, magazines (anything not directly related to what you’re doing). Plus there’s something so refreshing about walking into a tidy room with no messes around!

Take time for yourself every day—It’s important for our mental well being as well as how we function in life. Every day set aside some time just for you. Try reading through articles online from sites like The Huffington Post and Elite Daily, watching videos from TED talks, listening to music by artists you love, or taking time to do a hobby you enjoy.

Exercise at least 30 minutes every day—It’s amazing how our mood can shift when we take care of ourselves and how much better it makes us feel!

Get up early in the morning—The earlier you wake up the less likely you are to sleep through your alarm. Plus this will give you more time during the day for yourself since mornings tend to be quieter than nights. When waking up make sure that first thing is drink some water before eating anything else; there have been studies linking dehydration with weight gain (which is not what we want). Drinking lots of water also helps refresh your skin as well as fight headaches and migraines which are two common side effects of waking up.

Make healthy food choices—If you’re going to be spending your time cooking, make sure that it’s for a nutritious meal! You can also cook double the amount and then freeze some so you have something prepared when needed. This not only saves money but will help keep more fresh and avoid wasting resources since there is always an abundance of leftovers in any household due to how much people eat nowadays.

Learn new things outside of what you do at work or school—One way to increase our happiness is by learning about other cultures through books, movies, travel etc., which will allow us to see how others live as well as explore different aspects of life while still staying local.

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