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Many businesses spend time trying to increase traffic to their website, and fail to improve the conversion rate once they get there. This is a huge mistake. In this blog post, we will discuss 11 steps that will help increase your conversion rates and generate more revenue for your business!

The first step in the process of improving conversions on your website is setting goals for what you want them to be. You should start with an overarching goal such as “increase sales” or “generate leads” and then create specific goals around how much money you want to make or how many customers you wish to acquire over a certain period of time. Once these are determined, it becomes easier to set up metrics which can be used to measure your progress.

Step two is testing and measuring what actually works for your audience, meaning you need to experiment with different ideas until something pays off! Some great places where you can start are by using A/B Testing or landing page optimization tools like Visual Website Optimizer. These tools will allow you to split test different versions of a web page so that the most effective conversion generating one wins in the end. You should also be sure to track how visitors interact on each version of the site as this information will help steer future decisions about content architecture and design choices.

The third step would be identifying barriers between your current conversions rates and those which exceed them. This could mean making changes such as updating outdated graphics, optimizing layouts, or improving navigation.

The fourth step is to make changes based on the information you gathered in the previous steps. This could mean changing content, design, layout – anything as long as it’s moving your conversion rates higher! The final step would be optimizing for conversion by using a variety of testing methods and analytics tools mentioned earlier so that you can maximize conversions and continually improve them over time.

Step One: Review Your Current Conversions Rates And Those Which Exceed Them

Step Two: Identify Barriers Between Your Conversion Rates And Higher Ones Step Three: Make Changes To Improve Website Perceptions That Affect Conversions (e.g., Updating Graphics) Step Four: Make Changes Based On Information Gathered Step Five: Implement Conversion-Boosting Suggestions

Step Six: Find Additional Solutions To Increase Conversions And Implement Them

Step Seven: Test Your Changes For Impact On Conversions, Measure Results And Continue Optimizing

Step Eight: Combine Multiple Ideas Into A Single Design Or Layout Change That Maximizes The Amount Of Testing You Can Do With Each Iteration. Updating the design to accommodate more testing is a must!

Step Nine: Be Patient – Constant Improvement Will Lead You To Increased Sales & Profits In Time! But It Takes Effort!

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Step One:

You know your customers and how they behave, so start by understanding what matters to them. You might not think that you have a ton of customer insight on hand – but if you’re paying attention at all it’s easy to notice the things people are constantly commenting about or asking for help with in person or online. For example, “how do I get my old posts onto this site?” is something we hear often from our clients (and their potential customers), which means it would be prudent for us as marketers to address that question head-on. It doesn’t matter how many times someone has asked you the same thing! Find out why they keep coming back again and again and then offer solutions accordingly.


Next up, improve your conversion rate. You might be getting traffic and visitors to your website in droves but if you can’t convert these people into the customers that keep a business afloat then all that hard work is for nothing. We’ve seen how important it is not only to have really good content on a website but also great customer service because as we mentioned above, prospects are very often looking for help at every stage of their decision-making process – from deciding where they should go online to find what they need (ie which search engine), narrowing down options until finding one thing worth exploring further, and finally making an investment decision afterwards. A study showed that businesses who responded to requests for information within 24 hours had a whopping 500% higher chance of converting prospects than those who responded within 48 hours.

how to butterfly click – 11 Steps to Increase Conversions on Your Website

Conversion rates are the lifeblood of any business and as a result, conversion optimization is an important topic for companies large and small that want to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. A well designed website with great content can increase your chances of success but it does take work – often months or even years – before you see results from all these efforts.

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