11 Surprising Ways to Unplug from Technology


It’s no secret that we live in a world of screens. Our days are filled with scrolling through social media, texts from friends, and unending email notifications. It can be hard to remember what life was like before the smartphone! Some people have taken it upon themselves to fight back against these modern technologies and create ways for us to get away from them. Here are 11 surprising ways you can unplug for just a few minutes each day:

1) Turn off your phone or put your phone on airplane mode for 30 minutes

2) Spend time cooking something delicious

3) Read an old book

4) Take care of yourself by doing something special that will make you feel good about yourself (examples are getting a manicure, going for a run)

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Some people might say that we need technology in order to get things done quickly these days because everything moves fast (which sometimes doesn’t feel good), while others think that taking breaks once in a while could be beneficial for us so we can give out brains some time to relax and rejuvenate.

 What are the effects of unplugging from technology?

There has been research in recent years on what can happen when we take a break from our screens or gadgets. Some say that it is good for us to periodically remove ourselves from technology, while others disagree about how often people should do this and if doing so could be harmful to some aspects of their lives (i.e., career). There’s not one right answer as everyone handles breaks differently depending on their personality type, but there are many advantages of taking time away from devices such as increased productivity and creativity. You will also find out more ways you can benefit by looking at the list below!

What happens when we unplug for awhile?

We can increase our productivity and creativity.

It’s easier to finish things that we’ve been putting off because we’re on social media or scrolling through the internet for hours at a time.

Our relationships can improve if we spend less time in front of screens, so it may be good for your romantic partner to try this with you!

Unplugging from technology might help us feel more refreshed after taking some extra sleep and spending quality time away from screen light as well.

Some people report feeling unhappy when they take breaks like these because they miss out on what their friends are doing online or have difficulty finding something engaging enough to do without any gadgets nearby (or both). Despite those concerns, it’s important to take time for ourselves and manage our stress levels.

Remember that we can still have experiences without being on social media or the internet!

If you’re feeling super stressed, having a hard time sleeping at night because of too many screens near your bed, or finding yourself getting into arguments more often than before because you spend so much time online with people who may be different from what you really want in life, then it might not hurt to unplug once in awhile.

 Try following these 11 ways below for some ideas:

Turn off notifications on your phone during the day when working on something else (or just don’t bring your phone out all together)

 Use “Do Not Disturb” mode on your phone

Turn off wifi and close any tabs you might have open while working (or do what I do, which is just log out of all my social media accounts)

Watch TV if that’s something you enjoy doing but don’t get to watch often. You don’t even need cable for this! Try Netflix or Hulu instead of sitting in front of a screen with nothing on it. It can be so cathartic to sit down after a long day and relax with some House Hunters or whatever show makes you happy. Just remember screens are still around, so try not to text during the show 🙂

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