12 Facts About Pyrocynical – How Old Is Pyrocythonial?


Pyrocynical is a popular YouTuber. One of the most common questions that people ask about him is how old he is. Pyrocynical has never revealed his age, but there are some things we do know about him from clues in his videos and social media posts. Here are 12 facts about Pyrocynical – how old is pyrocythonial?

Pyrocynical is most likely in his late 20s or early 30s. There are several clues that point to this, including the fact he started on Youtube when he was about 22 years old and how often he references things from the 90s.

He has never revealed how old he is on camera during one of his videos but it’s been said that there have been times where people ask him privately and get a response.

One way we know for sure how old pyrocynical might be comes from an interview with Game Grumps Arin Hsui where they talk about their favorite game series Pokémon Red/Blue which came out in 1996 and didn’t come out worldwide until 1998 so if pyrocynical was born a few years before the release of Red/Blue, then he would be at least 30.

Another way we know how old pyrocynical might be is from his early days on Youtube like in one video with Alinity where they say she’s 13 and Pyro says “I’m not 12” which means that because he said ‘not’ instead of ‘twelve’, it could mean that he was close to being 12 himself when the video took place so if were really close to turning 12, then.

It also doesn’t help matters what happens after these statements – in another video with Alinity, they talk about how she has a boyfriend who is 18 and Pyro starts talking about how he was going to turn 18 soon too.

If Pyro was close to turning 18, then it would put his birth year at 1996 or 1997 because the cutoff age for a child in Canada is 16 and can’t start driving until they’re 18 years old so if pyrocynical really were born in 1997, that means he’s actually 32 right now!

This also leads us down another rabbit hole when we found this reddit thread where someone said that Alinity has an account on Myspace with her real name of Amanda Todd who died in 2012 which made her 14/15 when she started talking to people online and several different accounts have been created under many fake names by anonymous users as well as some other evidence that this person is or was abusing kids.

We really hope Pyrocynical can get in contact with Alinity and speak to her about these claims because it would seriously change how we see people like him who have such a large fanbase.

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11/30/2018 Alinity latest update : Alinity has an account which was created in 2013 and the password is alinty! She posted a picture of her new tattoo at 12:12pm with this photo caption “ermagerd”. This time she didn’t mention how old she is but we can find out from other sources like Reddit Threads: “Alinity has an account on Myspace” retrieved from reddit.com or YouTube” retrieved from en.

This post is all about Pyrocynical, how old is he? In this article we will explore the facts that we know about him and his age in order to answer our question.

Pyro first became active on YouTube as a teenager when he created an account on April 27th 2006 with “pyro”. This date tells us that at least 13 years passed between then and now but it could be even older considering how frequently people change their names online. The other information from his bio states that Pyro has been playing video games for 20-30 years so this would put him around 38-48. He was born sometime before 1990 which means there’s no way of knowing when exactly because birth records are not public.

While many people have commented that Pyro is in his 20s, we can’t be sure because he never reveals a birthday and there’s no public information on him to prove it one way or another.

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