A Manager’s Checklist of Strategies to Increase Employee Morale

Employee morale is the emotional state of an employee at work. A good manager will make sure that their employees are happy and productive. This means they need to know what strategies can increase employee morale. There are many things a manager can do to increase the morale of their staff. But these ten stand out as being most effective.

Take issues personally

A good manager should not take these issues personally and should be able to handle them with tact in order to maintain a positive work environment. Acknowledging any mistakes or problems that may have led to the conflict is important as well. This will show employees you are willing & open to learn from your past actions/mistakes. So as to improve yourself for better service of staff members.

Listen actively

A manager should also be able to listen actively and openly without judgement. So as to foster a calm, safe space for employees who may need some support from management. Acknowledgement of feelings with an empathetic ear is very useful in times of conflict or when faced with difficult situations at work. It will serve well not only the employee. But the manager too since he/she can maintain better contact & relations with staff members. This ultimately leads to greater productivity on behalf of all workers involved within a company.

Encourage healthy competition

A good manager should encourage healthy competition between its workforce. By organizing sporting events such as football matches once every month where teams are made up according to seniority (newer recruits vs older staff). So that newer team members have something to prove. While more experienced workers have something to balance out their lives with work.

Be supportive

Another important way a manager can improve workplace morale is through being supportive of one’s subordinates and encouraging them in the face of adversity. This will help build positivity within an office environment. This will ultimately increase productivity for all employees working towards accomplishing shared goals & targets set by the company/management board on behalf of itself and clients alike. This again will lead to an overall increase in morale for all staff members involved.

Be approachable

A manager should be accessible and available whenever needed by their employees. This will help foster much more positive relations between management & workforce that ultimately leads to a better work environment. As well as increasing productivity of its workers. This is again good for the company’s bottom line since it means hiring less people in order to achieve set goals/targets on behalf of itself or clients depending on whether they are independent freelancers or part of a larger team working under another firm.

A manager should also make sure his/her presence at the workplace after usual hours is known. So that no one feels ignored if there are any issues requiring immediate attention before those hours end given the nature of some jobs and work-related situations. A manager should always be ready to help out their employees during office hours or after; this shows that they care about them as people rather than just workers who are there for a paycheck alone.

Stay positive

A good manager will also ensure all staff members maintain an upbeat & positive attitude towards the tasks at hand. So that worker’s morale is never affected by any negative attitudes brought in from outside the company. Whether it is directed at specific employees, management etcetera. A bad mood can trickle down into workplace conversations/discussions. This may affect other team members adversely. Since not everyone enjoys discussing politics with coworkers around when one has no interest in such topics. So these kinds of discussions need to be kept out of the workplace at all costs to maintain a high level of morale among staff.

A manager should also make sure he/she is always punctual for work so as not to keep workers waiting. This will reduce or eliminate any feelings of resentment towards management by its workforce members. Since they can never feel that the company cares about their time if it does not care enough to show up when expected without good reason.

Take breaks

A good manager will encourage employees to take regular short breaks. In order to avoid overworking themselves & burnout to ensure maximum productivity on behalf of everyone involved . This again leads back into increasing employee morale due such actions being seen as positive moves from said managers who are looking after his/her team’s well-being above all else.

A manager should also allow his/her team to leave work early on Friday afternoons. So they can get a head start on their weekend plans which gives them something positive to look forward to. This increases the likelihood of employees returning for Monday morning with fresh new ideas, energy and enthusiasm since socializing with friends over a few drinks is an excellent way to ‘wind down’ from working life. While giving workers time in order to recharge themselves before going back at it again on Monday.

Take initiative

A good manager will never have any issues when workers take initiative by bringing up suggestions about how things could be done better. This ensures morale remains high among staff members who feel like their opinions are being heard without any fear of negative repercussions. A manager should also be open to criticism as long as it is constructive. So that he/she can always improve rather than just ignore what their team says about how they could do things better. This will further help morale among them in a positive way since such individuals feel valued by the management & company they work for and are more likely to put effort into all tasks assigned because of this reason alone.

Be generous

A good manager will also ensure his/her employees know there are no limits when it comes to generosity on behalf of him/herself or the entire organization; sharing treats with everyone, giving out bonuses etcetera. Whenever milestones have been met helps keep morale high while motivating staff members even further at times depending on their individual personalities.

A manager should also be sure to never put anyone down in front of others. This includes being critical about a worker’s lifestyle choices, appearance or even personality since doing so is often seen as highly unprofessional and creates an uncomfortable work environment . It can lead to more resentment arising between staff members against management than usual if the company boss goes around picking on one person all the time instead of just addressing any issues privately with whoever happened to have caused them without leaving everyone else feeling like they are constantly under fire for such mistakes made by said individual(s). Visit for more strategies to Increase Employee Morale

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All managers know that a key factor to a successful business is employee morale. This checklist will help you identify strategies that can contribute to happier employees.This comprises ideas, techniques, and tools to increase employee morale.


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