Dad Creates Short Haircut for Daughter: A Struggle with Mental Illness

Short Haircut

A dad in California, who is struggling with mental illness and has been off his medication for a while, cut his daughter’s hair. The dad had not been taking care of himself and he was neglecting the family. He wanted to make an effort to take care of them again and so he trimmed up her mane without asking her first which she found upsetting. After cutting it down, she started to feel better about herself because it looked more like what everyone else around her had. She started liking the shorter hair style because she felt like people were judging how short or long her hair was instead of what they thought about what was going on at home.

This is what one dad did when he was struggling with mental illness and neglecting his family. He decided to make an effort again, so he trimmed up her mane without asking for permission first which she found upsetting at the time but later liked it because it made her feel better about herself. It looked more like what everyone else around her had instead of being singled out as different or not normal. She started liking how short or long her hair was instead of what people thought about what was going on at home–someone who judges others based off their appearance will focus on something else if they can’t see that difference in a person’s hairstyle!

After cutting it down, ____ felt better about himself and said “I’m not a bad dad.”

And for the first time in months, ____ felt good about what he did. He realized that his daughter was more than just her hair and she had been struggling with mental illness too. The haircut helped to make things better both at home and within himself–it gave him back some of his confidence as well because it made him feel like he could take care of someone again on top of taking care of himself without feeling so overwhelmed all the time.

It really is heartwarming when parents can see their child’s needs instead of seeing them only through their own eyes–when they’re able to put themselves aside for awhile and show love unconditionally, not expecting anything else but still being grateful for what they do have together.

It takes a lot of courage to take care of someone who is struggling with mental illness.

It’s not easy for anyone, but it can really be especially hard when you’re also dealing with your own struggles and trying to stay stable. Going through this experience has helped me realize what I value in life as well–I’ve learned about the importance of family during this process and how strong they are because sometimes all we need is one person who will listen without judgment or criticism regardless of our flaws.”

Article Title: Dad Creates Short Haircut for Daughter: A Struggle with Mental Illness

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I’m not sure what I was expecting when we got to the barber shop, but it wasn’t this. My daughter sat in my lap as she usually does for haircuts and I could see her face drop with disappointment before he even started cutting. It’s hard enough being a kid sometimes, especially when you’re growing up too fast at times. And if your dad is anything like me then life gets pretty busy from time to time and things can get missed or forgotten about that should be given more attention than they are worth…It sucks getting old because you feel so guilty all the time no matter what you do!

And so here we were sitting on one of those chairs that go back and forth while trying our best to not let her see what was happening. She kept asking me if she could go home and I told her that we were going to get it taken care of right here because daddy has work in the morning so he needs to finish up with his haircut first.

I was trying to get her talking about what she wants for dinner and some of the things that we could make with whatever I had in my fridge. She just wanted me to listen but instead all I did was talk…The more nervous I got, the less patience I had which meant every time she interrupted me or said something wrong then it resulted into a punishment. There were tears coming out of her eyes now and even though they weren’t mine-they still felt like they belonged on my face too!

That’s when it really hit me how much stress must be affecting our daughter…It can change who you are as a person without ever knowing what happened. Maybe this is why Daddy needs his haircut? Who knows?! Alls I know is that it’s time for me to get my act together and start being the Dad she deserves.

I have a daughter who I love more than anything in this world but what if what I’m doing is making her worse? Now, when we look at our reflection-we see something so different…maybe now with these changes will come another chance to teach each other how not only live again but also thrive. irst of all, Daddy needs his haircut! (Dad Creates Short Haircut for Daughter: A Struggle with Mental Illness) irst off, let me be clear here – I am not an expert on mental health whatsoever. But nothing can prepare you as a parent like having your child grow up to struggle through

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