How Did the Carpet Get So Wet Todd?


Todd was walking through the hallway and noticed that the carpet was wet. He had no idea why it would be so wet, but he decided to take a closer look. Upon inspection, he noticed what looked like a puddle of water on the floor near his front door…

What could have happened?” Todd thought to himself before looking down the hall towards his son’s room where he found an empty juice container with its lid lying in pieces next to it. Remembering how loud they were playing earlier when they drank their juice; this seemed likely as explanation for all those wet spots! Declaring victory over one mystery -Todd went back into the kitchen and got another step stool from under the sink before going up onto it to reach up and turn the light off in the kitchen.

Todd then walked back down stairs to check on his son when he heard a strange sound coming from outside. He looked out of the window, but saw nothing; so he went over to open it…

At this point in time before I can continue writing, my dog starts barking at something across the street that looks like people are getting into their cars – which is odd because we live deep in suburbia where nobody ever walks around late at night! Shrugging it off as just part of living next door to an elementary school with multiple afterschool programs all flocking home during once hour windows I close my laptop for now and go see what’s going on.

I close my laptop for now and go see what’s going on.

At this point in time before I can even bring myself to open the window, I can see that there’s someone on my property.

This person is wearing a black hoodie and jeans with their back turned towards me; so it was hard for me to recognize what gender they were until this point in time. It looks like they’re looking into one of our windows near the front door!

I am not sure how long this person has been out here just staring at us or if it’s actually happening right now but everything seems too calm and strange for them to be up to anything good.

It feels as if we might need some help (or maybe more than help?) from something other than law enforcement because these people seem smarter than your ordinary criminal masterminds who will break into your home and steal whatever they can get their hands on.

I am not sure what will happen if I open the door, but I would much rather do this than stand here for who knows how long without doing anything about this!

What should we do? Should we call someone to come over right now or just wait until they leave? Let’s think of a plan before it gets too late in the day where these people could slip past us unnoticed when night comes around again.

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