“I Can’t Do This Anymore”: A Rant About Frustration and Disappointment

Frustration and Disappointment

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally have to admit it: I can’t do this anymore. This blog is the culmination of everything that frustrates me about life and work, and my first step in getting out of the rat race.

I’m not happy with what I’m doing for a living. The only thing worse than being unhappy at your job is being unhappy at your job and having no backup plan because you’re so busy trying to make ends meet that you don’t have any time or energy left over to think about anything else – like what you want from life or how you might be able to get it.

A rant about frustration and disappointment

I worked my way through college, then got a job as an accountant. The pay was good and I liked the work well enough (apart from occasional frustrations like clients who were too rich to do their own math). But over time it became clear that there wasn’t room for promotion or even lateral movement. For some reason, everyone was stuck in their roles, which meant that if I wanted to do something different, I would have had to start all over again.

There was also the problem of work-life balance. It’s hard enough when you’re single and your job is your whole life; it becomes even more overwhelming when you add a family to the equation. And yet my boss expected me to be available every day and night while still finding time for soccer games or book clubs on top of everything else! In retrospect, it sounds like this might not have been such a good fit after all – but at the time I felt overwhelmed by pressure from everyone around me who seemed convinced that this one path was what led straight down the yellow brick road: “you need to be happy in your work,” they all said.

I Can’t Do This Anymore: A Rant About Frustration and Disappointment or I Quit My Job because It Was Too Much Work

If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time at all, it probably won’t surprise you to hear that I quit my job last week (or maybe the week before…). The thing is though – this isn’t really a new topic for me! In fact, over the past year-plus since starting this blog I have written about quitting multiple times. What’s different now? Well, everything has changed…. First off let me just say that there are many people who stay on one path their who entire lives, never once looking to change their work. For the most part, I have been one of those people. And it was a good life: stable income and health insurance were always there for me when they needed to be; my coworkers were like family (most days); and in general I felt respected by what I did each day.

But as time went on – you know how that goes! As more responsibilities piled up around me with less energy or time available to handle them all…I became increasingly frustrated at the lack of support from management who didn’t seem to understand how much pressure we are under nor rewarded us appropriately for our efforts….

In this post-election world where everything feels so uncertain about the future right now, I know I’m not the only one feeling this way. And so, if you’re like me and struggling with being stuck in a job that’s making you feel underappreciated and unfulfilled – maybe it’s time to start exploring what kind of work will make your heart sing again?

At least then we’ll be able to look back on our lives as an adult knowing we did something worthy of pride!

After reading my rant about how frustrating and disappointing it is when certain jobs don’t meet expectations, do any words or phrases come to mind for either topics related to managing stress or looking for new careers? What other questions would you want answered by someone who has been through these experiences before?”

“What are some of the common reasons people leave their jobs?”

“How can I get out of a job that is making me feel trapped?”

“What are some lists or resources to help someone find work they love doing and will also be good at? What about other options for employment, like freelancing or starting my own business? ”

“Can you suggest any steps on how to let go of feelings of regret in order to avoid feeling stuck forever in a situation where it’s truly not working out for one reason or another?”

After reading this article, what does your mind jump towards as being something that might make the author wrong about his view on frustration and disappointment with certain life events/situations? Is there anything he said that you disagree with?

I can’t do this anymore. It’s not fun and it seems like a waste of time because nothing changes, no matter how hard I try to make things better.

I don’t feel good enough or appreciated for what I’m doing right now at work – my boss is always telling me that there are more important tasks than the ones he assigned me, but when I come home from work all these other projects pile up which makes it difficult to get anything done on them before bedtime. Every day feels hopeless as though everything will never be ok again in life if i continue going through something so frustrating and disappointing every single day…

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