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Play Ideas to Boost Your Baby’s Cognitive Development

Do you know that your little baby’s brain contains as many as 100 billion neurons at the time of birth! These neurons grow further into many more brain-cell connections during the next few years. The interesting point to note here is that their brain wiring is such that their ability to learn is more pliable and vulnerable than adults. At this time, if you give your child more language-enriched experiences, he is more likely to acquire rich reasoning, language, and planning skills. Back-and-forth interactions with them play a very important role in this. It not just builds your relationship with the baby but also helps in their cognitive development – their ability to think, understand, imagine, communicate, and remember. So here we list down some simple activities that will amp up your little scientist’s cognitive power:

Do the ‘baby talk’ with them: When you talk and interact with your baby, you help them understand the world around them. Always respond to their coos with happy vocalizations and speak syllables in a high-pitched voice – an activity referred to as parentese. The overjoyed and exaggerated facial expressions help them absorb all the sounds of the language. For example, you can read the very popular sing-along story ‘Baby Shark’ to your baby to help him/her absorb the different sounds of the English language.

Encourage activities that involve hands: When playing with your little munchkin, encourage activities that involve usage of hands. These will help him understand how to physically interact with the world, and they’ll surely be so much fun for both of you. Peek-a-boo, stacking play and the finger puppet are some interesting hand activities that will engage your baby and capture his attention. Fun-sized finger puppets are sure to make the playtime more interactive and will also help spark your baby’s imagination. Don’t forget to capture your little one’s giggles and squeal.

Read to them: Once your baby completes 4 months, you can introduce books to them. Pick large colorful picture books and read with your baby. Modulate your tone of voice as you tell him a story and encourage your baby to talk about the book. He/she will surely love the bold and bright colours while carefully listening to your voice. This activity will not only build your baby’s receptive language but also foster an early passion for books. What else could you ask for!

Introduce him/her to texture play: Know that your baby is trying to understand the world through their five senses. Most of the parents rely heavily on the audio-visual senses but ignore the rest. They forget that the baby’s tactile sense can also open a window to their understanding and experiencing the world. So give your baby easy-to-clean objects that he can touch and feel. Pick materials with different textures such as aluminium foil, sandpaper, velvet, and satin and let him/her touch all of them. Another fun way to do this is by inviting them to touch fruits and vegetables of different textures.

While picking objects for the above activities, make sure you check them well before handing them to your little baby. Choose only quality products that do not contain any toxic ingredients in them. Just like you pick the best skin care products such as the best natural baby lotion and natural moisturizer for baby skin, be equally careful with anything that you are putting in your little baby’s hands. This will ensure that neither their physical nor mental health is compromised. So go ahead, indulge in fun activities with your baby, and give them the confidence to keep learning and exploring the world!

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