What Elementary School Supplies to Buy and What They Cost

What are the most important supplies you need for a first day of school in elementary school? Chances are, there is a huge variety of different items on your child’s supply list. This can be overwhelming for many parents who don’t know what each item does or how much they cost. Here, we will go over the basics and give you an idea of what to buy and what it should cost.

Elementary School Supplies:

Pencils – pencil case with erasers, pens and markers (or the equivalents) $0.50-$30

pencil sharpener – pack of 12: $20-$40

crayons or colored pencils – box of 24:$12.00

Ruler – a standard ruler is best for measuring length; if you prefer an interactive type ruler they can add it to their desk as well ($19.99)-pack of 16: $16.00

Masking tape – roll up dispenser in assorted colors: $18.88 per roll up dispenser or set of four rolls for all one color.:$29.76Tools include scissors, pocket knife/box cutter, stapler, hole punch, glue stick

Paper – pack of 500 sheets: $12-$50

Paper clips – box of 100 (comes with a small container for storing):$11.99

Pencil sharpener and extra pencils/erasers $25.00

Lunch bag or backpack ($15) Larger book bag($35). If your child has special needs you may want to bring them in to discuss the specific supplies they need that are not mentioned on this list. This can range from an ear thermometer, food sensitivity testing kit, walkie talkies etc.

Drafting board – set includes drafting ruler and three pens that work as well as any other pen; it also comes with some paper, so it’s a good gift for parents who are still in the process of completing their child’s school supply list.

Paper – set includes a package of lined paper and three packages of college ruled sheet protectors, which is more than enough to last through elementary school.

Pens/pencils – no two schools have the same requirements when it comes to what types of pens or pencils they’ll allow on campus; getting boxes with assorted colors will ensure that your child has everything he needs at any moment.

Ruler – know how many inches fit into an inch? This ruler will teach you! It also can be used as part of math problems because students often use rulers during geometry lessons.

Glue – this is one of the most important school supplies every student will need.

Scissors – these are an absolute necessity for any elementary schooler. A good pair should last several years if properly maintained, and it’ll make cutting construction paper a breeze!

Crayons/markers – crayons are great for coloring in pictures or staying within lines on drawings; markers can be used to write with or draw freehand without worrying about color spilling outside their boundaries.

Expo dry erase board eraser (or similar) – you don’t want anything permanent in your child’s possession because they might end up using something like that as a boat oar at recess instead of its intended purpose!

Glue stick – using glue sticks is a lot easier than gluing with Elmer’s, and if your child needs to use them for something other than crafts you can just throw it away.

Lined paper – lined paper will help make handwriting more legible as well as making worksheets much easier to complete in class; plus, the lines on this type of paper also double up as guides for drawing straight lines or creating perfect squares and circles!

Pencils/colored pencils – few things are worse than having the lead break before they’ve finished coloring their masterpiece. It’s best not to waste time sharpening these every day either since that takes even longer (though some teachers prefer students do so).

Pens – a pen is essential for the classroom, though not all pens are created equal. Some teachers prefer students to use colored pens while others just want them to stick with black and white; however, if you’re going to buy one pack of pens it’s best to get both so that no matter what they can be prepared.

Ruler – this ruler will help kids create straight lines when drawing or cutting projects out! It also helps make sure each page in their notebook has the same amount of space on either side as well which makes organization a breeze!

Crayons/colored pencils – coloring is an important part of childhood exploration and imagination, so buying crayons might seem like overkill but don’t forget how messy a coloring page can be for the kids who don’t have their own set!

Glue – everyone needs glue, and it’s often an element of classroom projects that is forgotten about. It’s always good to get more than one container since they’re bound to dry out over time or accidentally spilled on someone else’s project (sorry!)

Pencil case – pens are important but so too are pencils which need plenty of room for sharpening in order to keep them ready to use; many teachers will also want students’ pencil cases with them at all times as well which means having a spare or two handy might not hurt either just in case.