The Fourth Son: North, West and South

Fourth Son

What is the name of the fourth son?

There are many reasons why someone’s mom might have 4 sons: north, west, and south. But what if it was something else entirely? What would that mean for one of them to be left out? It could be a lot worse than being forgotten about in their family.

North remains as someone’s mom’s first born son because he had such an important role in her life. West always felt like someone’s mom loved him less than North or South so he grew up with a chip on his shoulder and became a reckless man. His anxiety turned into anger which made him lash out at anyone who came near him, including his brother North. He couldn’t see that North loved him the same way he did.

South grew up feeling like someone’s mom was always pushing him aside for North and West so it felt natural to do everything they told him to do, even if that meant doing bad things in order to keep them happy. He never really stood up for himself or what he wanted because his brothers would just argue back with more force than ever before. This became an endless cycle of South being pushed around until one day when he finally found a voice inside of him that said “no.”

Who is this fourth son? It could be you!

North: someone’s mom has only three sons: north, west; south What is the name of the third son? There are many reasons why someone’s mom has four sons: north, west; south.

It could be because they need to have some balance in order for the house hold to stay peaceful or it could just be a coincidence that two of her children are twins and one is an only child. Regardless of what may cause someone’s mom to have four sons instead of three there is always going to be one son who feels like he doesn’t belong. There will always be someone feeling left out when they live with three other people that not only look different but act differently as well. The fourth son (north) felt this way often even though his family was very close knit and loved each other dearly, he still had moments where he wasn’t quite sure if belonging was worth the pain.

They all looked alike, but they acted so differently from one another and this created confusion for the fourth son (north) when he was younger. He would always ask his mother why she had three other sons who were different than him. His mom on the other hand thought it was a great thing that her children weren’t identical because then she could tell them apart at birthdays or school assemblies without having to have everyone wear name tags. She told him about how each of their personalities complemented one another and made life easier in general even if they did frustrate her sometimes with their differences like when someone’s mom is cooking dinner and two of her kids are nibbling around as well as playing video games while waiting for food to be ready.

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someone’s mom has four sons, North, West, South and another (ne). This created confusion for the fourth son when he was younger because his friends would ask him what it felt like to have three other brothers who were different than him. His mother on the other hand thought that having children of mixed personalities would be an easier way not only to tell them apart but also to do things with them without needing everyone in a group participating at once or wearing name tags. She told her son about how each personality complemented one another and made life much easier even if they did frustrate her sometimes by being so different from one another like when someone’s mom is cooking dinner and two kids are eating completely different things because one likes to eat the vegetables and another can’t stand them.

North, West and South were her three oldest children who had grown up together in their own family with a father just like they were but when she found out that someone else was coming into the world, she wanted to give him something special too so he would know how loved he was as much as his older brothers. The fourth son’s name is ne (pronounced nay).

All four sons are very close even though they’re all so different from each other and sometimes it may seem like there isn’t enough room for everyone inside of a house or at a table but if you ask any one of them what it means to be part of a family, they will tell you it’s like a circle.

North is the oldest son and he has light skin with brown hair that shines in the sun and his favorite color is green. He likes to eat vegetables for breakfast but can’t stand tomatoes because of their slimy texture. West is the second oldest son who has dark skin like charcoal so black that it might seem impossible to find any bit of him if not for all those freckles on his cheeks which make him look friendly even when he isn’t smiling at someone as if there were always something about them worth getting close too no matter what else was happening around them.

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