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Unhappy With Your Smile? Visit An Orthodontist For Adult Braces!

Crowded teeth, improper use of braces during childhood, and other factors, can lead to orthodontic issues. Unfortunately, a lot of adults have their reservations about wearing braces again, especially the metal braces, which are anything but aesthetic. Truth be told, adult orthodontia is a real thing, and there are more solutions to consider today, with braces for adults are becoming popular in recent years. In this post, we are discussing more on braces for adults.

The options

Braces for adults are not typical of what you may have seen as a kid. There are options, such as –

  • 6-Month Smiles. The brackets used in 6-Month Smiles are typically clear or match the color of teeth, and as the name says, you are expected to wear these for six months. The results are pretty decent, especially for minor orthodontic problems.
  • Invisalign. As one of the advanced treatments for crowded, misaligned teeth, Invisalign has come a long way, and the trays used are removable. Invisalign is comfortable and has a good success rate, making this an ideal choice for many adults.
  • ClearCorrect. If you have an overbite, or underbite, ClearCorrect could be a solution for your orthodontic problem. ClearCorrect can be used for crowded or gapped teeth, as well.

Since the extent of orthodontic problems may vary, only an experienced dentist or orthodontist can take a call on the solution that may work best for your case. In some cases, even conventional braces can be recommended, especially if the issues are severe and need extensive use of braces/trays.

Why consider adult braces?

The range of orthodontic treatments, as you may have guessed, has increased considerably in the last couple of decades. No matter your age, budget or schedule, you can find an orthodontic treatment that works for your orthodontia. Fixing orthodontic problems is not merely about aesthetics or correcting a smile, but for many adults, it could mean a permanent solution to overbites, underbites, crossbites, and pain caused by crowded or misaligned teeth. Another big advantage is the time factor. You don’t need to wear most trays, aligners or braces for more than two years, and in some cases, results are assured in as little as six months.

Final word

If you have issues with your smile or orthodontic problems, seek help. Early orthodontic treatments can help in fixing most of the common dental issues, which may become severe with time.

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