“What Comes Next?” The lyrics and song interpretations of this piano ballad by Harry Styles keep us guessing.


When Harry Styles released his first solo album in 2017, “Sign of the Times,” he also surprised fans with a piano ballad titled “What Comes Next.” The song is lyrically sparse and introspective; it’s unclear what exactly comes next. There are many interpretations to this song, including that it may be about personal struggles or dying young. In this post, we’ll examine what some listeners think is happening in the lyrics as well as the meaning behind them.

What Comes Next? The Lyrics and Song Interpretations of this Piano Ballad by Harry Styles.

One interpretation is that the song may be about personal struggles, such as addiction or mental health issues. It might also relate to dying young–the lyric “Hoping for a better place when I go” could refer to how people often hope they’ll have more meaningful lives after death. Another possible meaning behind the lyrics is that it’s simply an expression of feeling lost in life, wondering what comes next for them personally and in their relationships with others in general.”

What does Harry say happens after he dies? (possible answer: either nothing since you won’t exist anymore or we will reunite somewhere else)

Is there a specific meaning behind the lyrics? (possible answers: yes, no)

 What happens to Harry in this song after his death? (attempts at answering these questions will be marked with an asterisk)

The Lyrics and Song Interpretations

“There’s not a single way to interpret what it means. It’s just me talking about an experience and giving my opinion.” – Harry Styles

The lyrics mean different things to people, which is why they can be interpreted in many ways

What Comes Next? The lyrics and song interpretations of this piano ballad by Harry Styles keep us guessing. What comes next in his story, what will he sing about next? I think it’s time we find out!

This is a great post for bloggers who are looking to write content that provides an insight into the music they love. Whether you’re just starting out blogging or have been at it for years, there’s always something new to learn about your favorite artists’ work!

In today’s blog post we dive deep into the lyrical meaning behind one of my all-time favorites songs: “What Comes Next?” By artist Harry Styles from his self titled debut album. As a longtime fan and writer of music, I wanted to share some of the insights and thoughts that have come up as I’ve been listening to this song on repeat.

We’ll discuss what we think could be coming next in Harry’s story line from his own perspective based off of lyrics from “What Comes Next?” We also explore some other interpretations of these lines with a look at what others are saying about it elsewhere online – all while keeping our minds open throughout! This is by no means any kind of definitive answer but rather my way of how he may see his journey progressing over time.

“I know you’re scared,” Harry sings during one chorus, telling me something that has resonated deep within me for quite a long time: fear can often keep us stuck.

The song starts off with the lyrics, “She’s not what you think.” I’ve always been a little unsure of who this she is that he speaks about and what she means to him if anything at all. But it seems like Harry may be setting up his listeners for an explanation on just where we are going next in this story line by telling us that she isn’t what we might have expected her to be based on our own assumptions or past knowledge. It could also mean that he has found himself having second thoughts about whether she was right for him after all…

“And I don’t know what comes next,” Harry continues later in the chorus, adding another layer of meaning to these lines which ties back into my previous thoughts about what it could mean for the audience.

The lyrics to this song from Harry Styles are quite deep and complex, so what comes next might not be as simple as we expect.

What Comes Next? The Lyrics And Song Interpretations Of This Piano Ballad By Harry Styles Keep Us Guessing – by Yume Mizusawa

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She’s not what you think.” – “And I don’t know what comes next”

I’ve always been a little unsure of who she is.

It’s clear that what comes next in this song is uncertain, but the lyrics of “She’s not what you think” and “And I don’t know what comes next,” imply that there will be some type of change or at least something new happening to make things clearer than they are now.

In conclusion, as with any Harry Styles song, it can often take a few listens before we really get into the groove. This ballad does have many layers where more meaning may come out on later listenings – so if you’re listening for lyrical meanings, keep your ears perked!

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